Saturday, 29 June 2013

Showing off my first completed Tunisian crochet project

Here it is! The completed iPod case done in Tunisian crochet using acrylic double knitting.

The knitted case I've been using until today can go in the wash and from now on, I can rotate them so neither need get grubby.

I'm pleased to say that the set of proper Tunisian crochet hooks, complete with long plastic tails, arrived yesterday, so now I've mastered the basics, I can attempt my first large project.

As you can see, I use the iPod as an ereader and I'm currently reading Annabel Scheme by Robin Sloane.

New iPod case

Thursday, 27 June 2013

My first proper Tunisian crochet WIP

When I bought my iPod Touch a few years ago, I kntted a little case for it. That case desperately needs a wash, but I needed another case to keep the iPod safe from scratches while the original was laundered. I have finally got around to making a replacement as a way of practising the Tunisian crochet that I learned how to do yesterday.

The day has been wet and dreary, so it was very pleasant to sit in my study listening to Hercule Poirot on the BBC website while crocheting something useful.

First proper Tunisian crochet WIP

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Learning a new form of crochet

Until a few months ago, I didn't even know there was such a thing as Tunisian crochet, but I saw it mentioned on the Creative Crochet Crew Facebook group and I was intrigued. As I had an Amazon gift voucher still left over from Christmas, I decided to treat myself to a couple of books and a set of the special hooks that you need.

Of course everything arrived in the wrong order!

The first thing to arrive was Kim Guzman's Tunisian Crochet Stitch Guide, which of course made no sense to me whatsoever because Tunisian crochet is very different to ordinary crochet.

The second thing to arrive was Ultimate Beginner's Guide To Tunisian Crochet, also by Kim Guzman. I looked at it. I wanted to get started right away -- but I only had ordinary crochet hooks. So I improvised. :) A small rubber band wrapped tightly around the end of the hook prevented the stitches falling off and I could try my first piece of Tunisian crochet.

First attempt at Tunisian crochet

Here is my entire output of Tunisian crochet to date. As you can see, I kept losing and gaining stitches! The sides wend their way in and out. It's like being 7 all over again and learning to knit. :)

First attempt at Tunisian crochet

Anyway, after doing this practice piece, though I wouldn't say that I have mastered Tunisian crochet yet, I think I'm ready to try making something using this new (to me) technique.

Now I just need the proper hooks so I can do things that are more than 15-20 stitches wide...

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Labels are so useful

When I first had a freezer, as well as buying ready-frozen foods, I used to freeze leftovers to use another time. For some reason, I was always sure that I would remember what it was. Quite why it took me so long to work out that after a few weeks I couldn't remember whether the bag of brown stuff was curry or bolognese sauce, I don't know, but after eating too many meals of curry with spaghetti or (even worse because it's very bland!) bolognese with rice, I finally learned to label the packages. Well, I've just had the same revelation with regard to crochet. When I only had only one project on the go at a time, it was fine. Everything -- yarn, pattern, WIP and hook -- all lived together in some sort of bag. But I now I'm more serious about crochet, I have a few things in progress at once. As some are using the same type of yarn, they need the same size of hook, so the hook no longer always stays with the project. I did try writing on the pattern which yarn and hook size I was using, but after someone suggested it on the Creative Crochet Crew Facebook group, I've now started adding a little cardboard tag to the work itself. It's just a bit of left over card with a hole punched in it and a bit of yarn to attach it to the WIP. So simple! Now I won't end up agonising over which hook I should be using when I pick up a project again after leaving it for a few weeks in order to finish something else. Simple crochet tag

Sunday, 16 June 2013

My current WIP

Well, it's one of my current WIPs. :) I do have several things on the go, but this is the one that currently has top priority. As you can see, the striped ripple lap blanket for my Dad is coming along nicely. It grows quickly, which is very satisfying and it's tempting to do "just one more stripe", even when I really ought to be doing something else. Attic24 ripple blanket WIP

Friday, 14 June 2013

Yarn for my next crochet project

I've just finished crocheting another skull scarf (in green this time) which should shortly be going off to the person who asked me to make it. I'm now moving on to my next project, which is a ripple-striped lap blanket for my Dad. (I'm using the Attic24 smooth ripple pattern and I'm loving it!) It will be a combined birthday and father's day present. I'm using these colours. I'd prefer something brighter, but I think these will suit an elderly man better. He is 92 after all!

My next crochet project