Sunday, 23 June 2013

Labels are so useful

When I first had a freezer, as well as buying ready-frozen foods, I used to freeze leftovers to use another time. For some reason, I was always sure that I would remember what it was. Quite why it took me so long to work out that after a few weeks I couldn't remember whether the bag of brown stuff was curry or bolognese sauce, I don't know, but after eating too many meals of curry with spaghetti or (even worse because it's very bland!) bolognese with rice, I finally learned to label the packages. Well, I've just had the same revelation with regard to crochet. When I only had only one project on the go at a time, it was fine. Everything -- yarn, pattern, WIP and hook -- all lived together in some sort of bag. But I now I'm more serious about crochet, I have a few things in progress at once. As some are using the same type of yarn, they need the same size of hook, so the hook no longer always stays with the project. I did try writing on the pattern which yarn and hook size I was using, but after someone suggested it on the Creative Crochet Crew Facebook group, I've now started adding a little cardboard tag to the work itself. It's just a bit of left over card with a hole punched in it and a bit of yarn to attach it to the WIP. So simple! Now I won't end up agonising over which hook I should be using when I pick up a project again after leaving it for a few weeks in order to finish something else. Simple crochet tag

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