Saturday, 10 August 2013

My WIPs are progressing

Well, three out of my four main Works In Progress are progressing nicely. One rainbow ripple blanket is stuck because I ran out of the lilac coloured yarn and have been having difficulty finding another ball of it. With luck it should soon be unstuck because finally, yesterday, I realised that the reason I couldn't find the right colour was because I had mis-remembered the brand. I thought it was Robin acrylic DK, but a sudden inspiration led me to check the King Cole DK colours. And there it was! At least I hope this is finally the right colour. I've ordered it from Abakhan, along with some handbag handles because I want to make a fat-bottomed granny square bag.

But not until I have finished some more of my ongoing projects.

Meanwhile, the rainbow coloured rainbow ripple is in the final stages, my Dad's lap blanket is trundling on and my Snowdrop Shawl (which I will be doing shawlette sized) is looking really beautiful. I absolutely love the way the colour changes are looking.

WIP Snowdrop shawl

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