Saturday, 22 March 2014

It will soon be Easter

For the past week I've been busy making Easter presents for the grandchildren. I didn't want to just buy chocolate eggs because the postage makes it a very expensive way to buy chocolate. In fact I think last year I sent money to our son and daughter and asked them to buy eggs on our behalf for the grandkids.

However, this year I intend to do better.

I had seen some cute and easy bunny patterns on Ravelry, so I started making those first.

Here's the first bunny almost ready to assemble.

Crochet Easter bunny WIP

I know a lot of you like to weave in your ends as you go, but the photo below shows why I prefer to wait until I've finished and I'm sure it's all correct. I making 3 bunnies and I had almost finished the sixth ear when I realised that I'd done something stupid whilst making the 5th ear and somehow added in an extra yellow stripe! If I'd woven the ends in as I went, I'd probably have had to throw the ear away as too fiddly to frog, but it didn't take long to correct and now I have all the bunny parts and I'm almost ready to start sewing them together.

Too many stripes!

I haven't actually started sewing them yet because:

a) A lot of the yarn was reclaimed from a failed project that had been sitting around for more than 12 months gathering dust so I thought I ought to wash the bunny pieces.

b) I started making three little baskets to put the chocolate and bunnies in.

I had some James C. Brett Craft Cotton sitting around that I'd bought by accident a couple of years ago. How can you buy yarn by accident, you may be wondering? Well, it was while I was making the Funny Faces blanket for the latest grandchild and I thought it would be soft, like the James C. Brett Cotton On I was using for the blanket. Unfortunately, it's a cotton intended for dishcloths and such like, so it's more like string!

However, it does make very nice little baskets. :)

Here's the two-handled version.

Easter Basket -- two handles

And here's the version with one handle.

Easter basket -- single handle

Anyway, everything is coming together. The bunnies can be assembled as soon as the pieces dry, I have bought a variety of chocolate and mini-eggs, the third basket is almost complete and I've been making some pretty little flowers for decoration. All being well, everything will be ready to post next week in good time for Easter.

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